IMG 0690Our music library spans from the 1950's to the current hits of today.  It covers all genres of music:  oldies, disco, country, swing, 80's, dance rap, modern rock, mainstream hits, and more.   We belong to a music subscription service for DJ's and radio stations.  We receive songs at the beginning of the month that will be released on the radio within that month.  It helps ensure that we've got the popular music even before it becomes popular!

The most important thing about the music at your're in control.  Don't expect us to show up and play our favorite songs.  At our sit-down consultation, we will work with you to plan the music for the event.  Whether you've been working on that list of songs since you were a kid or you want us to use our expertise to play to your crowd, you're in control.  The other benefit of having the consultation a few weeks before the event, is that if you've got an unusual song request that we may not currently own, it gives us time to locate the song before your event.

Most clients will give us a short list of ten or so songs that they want to make sure get played at their event and then tell us, "do your thing".   We're happy to oblige.  We'll play a variety of music, while incorporating your requests, and at the same time, see what your crowd is reacting to.  If we play a country song and the dance floor is empty, chances are we won't be playing much more country music.  However, if we played a disco song and the dance floor is full, this let's us know they're ready to get active and dance.  But don't worry, your event won't turn into Dance Fever audition night with only Disco music!

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